A Journey to the Farmers’ Market

In many other African countries, markets are the lifeline to a community’s livelihood. The concept of the modern supermarket or the grocery store is one that only recently grew in popularity as cities modernized. Traditional markets still serve as the central meeting places where the idea of farm to market truly comes alive as multiple vendors bring their daily or weekly pickings for distribution. Most vendors set up shop very early in the morning, hoping to sell all their items so that they don’t have to return with a heavy load as they often travel many miles to reach the markets.

Thus a trip to the market is a ritual; a place to discover new offerings and to reconnect with friends. In some ways, it is the place to see and to be seen. At the market, you might discover that your favorite potato vendor has a fresh new crop that his/her neighbor doesn’t have or that the tailor started sewing with a new fabric brought in from the neighboring country.

The farmers’ markets in Houston and cities across America take us back to the early history of the nation where farmers would gather to sell their harvest. Modern day farmers’ markets serve as a means for buyers to once again meet the source of their food supply. Relished Africa is delighted to partake in Houston’s farmers’ markets to share our traditional snacks with the Houston community. On Wednesdays, you will find us at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market at City Hall (901 Bagby Street Houston, TX 77002). On Sundays, we are honored to exhibit at the East End Farmers Market (2800 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003).  Houston’s markets are vibrant, diverse, and a fantastic way to connect with neighbors from across our many corners. We enjoy meeting people from all walks of life who are curious and eager to try something new. We look forward to sharing our food with you.

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