About Us

Welcome to Relished Africa, where we hope to inspire you with traditional Rwandese cooking, using fresh ingredients. In our cooking sessions, you will be
transported to the heart of Africa to learn about long held traditions and the important role that food has played from generation to generation.


Rwanda is known as a “land of a thousand hills” with a perfect blend of mild temperatures, light precipitation, and altitude. These factors contribute to a great micro-climate; Rwandan coffee is grown on fertile volcanic soils. The coffee fruit is mostly handpicked between the rain seasons between March and May. Rwandan coffee has a pleasant aroma with a hint of citrus.


Common foods in Rwanda include green bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, pumpkins, millet, rice, a variety of vegetables and occasional meat and fish varieties. Food is at the core of every gathering, from informal to formal. Rwandans enjoy long hours of conversation and food serves as a means to bring friends and family together.


In addition to coffee and tea, Rwandese people love to drink milk. Given the natural reverence for cows and the important role that they play in our society, milk has always been a central form of nutrition, a symbol of health and strength. Additionally, you will find 3 traditional drinks which are produced from plants native to Rwanda: ikigage, an alcoholic beverage made from dry sorghum. Urwaga, a fermented banana wine. This should not be confused with palm wine, which is popular in many West African cultures, as this banana wine has a naturally sweeter flavor. Umutobe is a banana juice that’s also popular to serve throughout the year.